Assets are useful for calling entries into pages as support content or relating pages to them using the native EE functionality or Playa.

Example: Callout Text

Calling an exact entry can give your clients a way to edit specific bits of content displayed wherever you choose:

			{exp:channel:entries channel="your-asset-callout-channel" entry_id="XX"}
			<h2>Featured Event</h2>

Example: Random Entries

Random entries can be used in the same way above to display miscellaneous callout items, banner ads, etc from a pool of many entries instead of specific content:

			{exp:channel:entries channel="your-asset-callout-channel" orderby="random" limit="2"}
			<a href="{sponsor-link}"><img src="{banner-ad-custom-field-name}" alt="title" /></a>

Example: Related Entries

Assets can also be used as support information that can be shared among any channels on your site by using native EE functionality or Playa. If you had an “Instruments” channel containing entries for vocals, guitar, bass and drums you could relate each entry to a band member and display it using the following, where “member-instruments” is your related custom field:

			{exp:channel:entries channel="your-band-member-channel"}