1. Make sure the native EE Pages module is not installed
  2. In each weblog, turn off “Display Pages Submission Fields.” Otherwise, it will attempt to post Pages data and cause an error.
  3. Enable the extension CP jQuery under Admin » Utilities » Extension Manager
  4. Copy /system/extensions/ext.structure_ext.php to /system/extensions/
  5. Copy /system/language/english/lang.structure.php & lang.structure_ext.php to /system/language/english/
  6. Copy /system/modules/structure to /system/modules/
  7. Go to the Modules tab
  8. Click “Install” in the row for “Structure”
  9. Enable the extension under Admin » Utilities » Extension Manager
  10. Add which weblogs Structure will manage and modify the desired settings under Structure » Settings (more information on channel/page types)