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What Tags Changed in 3.0?

Category: Getting Started

  • Child IDs {exp:structure:child_ids} replaced with {structure:child_ids} variable
  • Main Navigation {exp:structure:nav_main} replaced with {exp:structure:nav mode=“main”}
  • Nav Full {exp:structure:nav_full} replaced with {exp:structure:nav mode=“full”}
  • Page ID {exp:structure:page_id} replaced with {structure:page:entry_id} variable
  • Page Slug {exp:structure:page_slug} replaced with {structure:page:slug} variable
  • Pagination {exp:structure:paginate} depricated, now works with native pagination
  • Parent Title {exp:structure:parent_title} replaced with {structure:parent:title} variable
  • Sitemap {exp:structure:sitemap} replaced with {exp:structure:nav mode=“full”}
  • Sub Navigation {exp:structure:nav_sub} replaced with {exp:structure:nav mode=“sub”}
  • Top Level Title {exp:structure:top_level_title} replaced with {structure:top:title} variable

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