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Giving Clients/Members Access to Structure

Category: Getting Started

Member Group Settings

  1. Access the needed group under Members » Member Groups » Member Group Name » Edit Group
  2. Under Controls Panel Access: mark “Yes” for the following:
    • Can access CONTENT section
    • Can access CONTENT: Publish
    • Can access CONTENT: Edit
    • Can access ADD-ONS section
    • Can access ADD-ONS: Modules
  3. Customize “Channel Posting Privileges” as needed to access your entries already created (if created by another member or super admin)
  4. Under “Channel Assignment” enable “Yes” for all channels used by Structure
  5. Under “Module Access Privileges” Allow access to Structure

Optional Structure Settings

  1. Under Add-Ons » Structure » Module Settings » Member Group Permission
  2. Manage Structure Settings: Allow access the module settings
  3. View add page link: Allow pages to be added anywhere in the site
  4. Can delete: Allow pages to be deleted
  5. Can reorder: Allow pages to be reordered

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