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Duplicate Pages In Navigation


You can have pages live in more than one place in your navigation by creating a redirect to one “official” place the page lives.

  1. Create a new template called “internal_link” with a PHP redirect and the custom field name for the URL value (PHP code below)
  2. Allow this template to use PHP under the template preferences
  3. Make a new channel named “Internal Link” with a custom field using only our StructureFrame fieldtype
  4. Make this channel managed by Structure under the module channel settings and set the default template to your new “internal_link” template
  5. Assign a new page to this new channel (named the exact same title if desired) and upon visiting you will be redirected to the original page location

     header( "Location: {exp:channel:entries}{your_structureframe_field}{/exp:channel:entries}" );

Note: Make sure your channel has ‘Automatically turn URLs and email addresses into links?’ turned off under the channel settings

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