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Creating Pages

Category: Getting Started

After installation and configuring your settings:

  1. Assign a channel to the type “Page” under Structure » Channel Settings and assign it the default template you want your pages to use
  2. Start building your site tree through the Structure CP using the “add page” control or through the Publish tab
  3. When adding or editing an entry there is a Structure tab in which you can customize the page URL or assign it to a template other than the default one you assigned under settings
  4. No matter what template your channel is assigned to use under the settings, templates can be changed any time per page by editing the “Template” dropdown under the Structure tab when editing an entry
  5. Displaying your page in a template is explained here: http://buildwithstructure.com/documentation/pages/
  6. You can use our nav_main and nav_sub tags to link to all of your pages in various ways
  7. Further pages can be added by the same method and assigning parents under the Structure tab or through the “add page” link next to each page

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