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Channel Settings

Category: Getting Started

Channel settings example

A - Channel Name

All existing channels will display within your channel settings.

B - Page type

Structure has three page types to use within your site. Read about page types →

C - Show in page selector

This determines if this channel is available from the global or in-row "Add Page" controls. Only available for channels of the type "Page".

D - Default template

Channels of the type "Page" or "Listing" have defaults templates assigned to them that are used when new entries are created. This does not affect existing entries.

E - Make each entry a single asset

Channels of the type "Asset" have the option to Add/Edit all entries. With this enabled, each entry you add is a single editable item and authors can not add more entries. This is useful for specific bits of copy or finite items someone does not need access to add more of.

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