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Changelog Moved 2/17/2017

The change log has been moved to EEHarbor.com

3.3.19 for EE2 4/26/2016

  • [Bug] Fixed a bug with listing entries being added from a channel_form.
  • [Bug] Fix for Saving Grid Settings.
  • [Feature] Added additional ExpressionEngine 2.11.x support.

3.3.18 for EE2 1/30/2016

  • [Bug] Fixing Login problem in 2.10.x where it auto redirects to Structure.
  • [Bug] add_to_foot Reorder fix.
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug with the fixed orders and undefined variable.
  • [Bug] Fieldtype fix: Updating File to remove index.php from FieldType Output.
  • [Bug] EE URL Problem Fix.
  • [Bug] Fix for Saving Grid Settings.
  • [Feature] CP Title Check now uses version_compare().

3.3.17 for EE2 5/18/2015

  • [Bug] add_to_foot fix for reordering.

3.3.16 for EE2 5/11/2015

  • [Bug] Redirect bug fix.

3.3.15 for EE2 5/8/2015

  • [Feature] EE 2.10.0 support.
  • [Feature] Added Blocks support from a customer request.
  • [Bug] add_to_head / add_to_foot deprecation.
  • [Bug] Adding Trailing Slash to Page Duplicate URI check.
  • [Bug] Default root “/” fix.
  • [Bug] Bug Fixes for FT problems. for EE2 11/30/2014

  • [Bug] Reorder javascript fix for EE2 11/8/2014

  • [Feature] Channel Form compatibility.
  • [Bug] Fixed hidden params not persisting over the parent/child relationship.
  • [Bug] Fixed pagination hooks.
  • [Bug] 2.8 deprecation notices.
  • [Bug] Conditional change for 2.7+ in extension file.
  • [Bug] Fixed trailing slash issue. for EE2 4/29/2014

  • [Bug] Fix for idle login modal and cp_member_login hook. for EE2 4/3/2014

  • [Feature] EE 2.8 Compatibility
  • [Bug] Transcribe integration fixes for EE2 2/6/2014

  • [Bug] PHP error fixes
  • [Bug] MySQL error fixes

3.3.14 for EE2 2/4/2014

  • [Parameter] exp:structure:nav now has recursive_overview
  • [Feature] Replacement of dd function to structure_dd (although function not use… …
  • [Feature] Updates to handle MySQL Strict Mode.
  • [Feature] Hiding Pages Array if no other permissions are set.
  • [Feature] array_get function replaced to structure_array_get();
  • [Feature] Grid compatibility updates
  • [Feature] MSM compatibility updates

3.3.13 for EE2 10/8/2013

  • [Bug] Navigation node issues
  • [Bug] Navigation hidden states issues

3.3.12 for EE2 9/16/2013

  • [Bug] PHP Errors
  • [Bug] Nav tag output bug for EE 2.7

3.3.11 for EE2 9/4/2013

  • [Feature] Safecracker hook supdated for EE 2.7
  • [Feature] nav tag: show_overview and rename_overview now work with start_from=”/”
  • [Feature] exp:structure:entries now has parent_id=“0” param to shwo the top level pages
  • [Feature] exp:structure:entries now has an include_hidden=“y”
  • [Feature] Language file maintenance
  • [Bug] Fix for add_unique_ids not appending the parent in the ID for the nav tag
  • [Bug] Fix for Rename Overview and Custom Titles
  • [Bug] first_child_redirect now redirects to any entry not with a status of closed
  • [Bug] Last nav class bug when the final page is hidden
  • [Bug] CP Pages/Assets link fix for disappearing before the page loads
  • [Bug] Fix when editing pages beginning with ‘P’ confusing Structure with a pagination segment
  • [Bug] Safecracker compatibilities
  • [Bug] Removed entry from itself in the parent dropdown when editing
  • [Bug] Stop child pages from being nested under the homepage

3.3.10 for EE2 5/14/2013

  • [Feature] EE 2.6 Compatibility updates

3.3.9 for EE2 4/30/2013

  • [Feature] New automatic EE1 to EE2 upgrade
  • [Feature] Added structure_create_custom_titles hook
  • [Feature] Added structure_reorder_end hook
  • [Feature] Encode ampersands (and other htmlspecialchars) in titles
  • [Feature] Queries optimizations
  • [Feature] Major Safecracker refactor
  • [Bug] Fix EE 2.6.0 login redirection bug
  • [Bug] Fix for empty right value (Transcribe-related)
  • [Bug] Fix for undefined variable: title error
  • [Bug] Fix for undefined variable case in the fieldtype settings
  • [Bug] Entries tag now returns nothing if no children are present
  • [Bug] Fix pagination captial P incompatibility
  • [Bug] Fix for hidden state in safecracker submissions
  • [Bug] Fix slug matcher with Safecracker
  • [Bug] Fix for missing segment data caused by Transcribe
  • [Bug] Sanitize the template_id to make sure it’s valid.

3.3.8 for EE2 1/18/2013

  • [Bug] PATH_MOD 2.5.5 error fix

3.3.7 for EE2 12/27/2012

  • [Feature] EE 2.5.5 compatibility.
  • [Feature] Fix for nesting pages under “Home” (url of “/”). No longer allowed.
  • [Feature} New tag structure:entries

3.3.6 for EE2 10/23/2012

  • [Bug] Transcribe integration bug with pages jumping a level

3.3.5 for EE2 10/22/2012

  • [Variable] structure:sibling_ids
  • [Variable] structure:child_ids_for:XXX
  • [Feature] Updated Data Grab support
  • [Feature] Rename and dupe check for hook call
  • [Feature] First child redirect now sends a proper 301 header
  • [Feature] Support for new third party themes setting
  • [Feature] Additional Transcribe integration
  • [Parameter] title trail: site_name
  • [Bug] Trailing slash and here state fixes
  • [Bug] Fix for duplicate entry incrementer
  • [Bug] Page type selector only opens when more than one is available during channel assignment.
  • [Bug] Fix for homepage not saving a single slash properly

3.3.4 for EE2 8/21/2012

  • [Feature] Structure URL now auto fills to match url_title
  • [Feature] SQL caching for module-wide install calls to increase speed
  • [Bug] Fix for UTF-8 characters in title and Structure URL
  • [Bug] Global variable fixes
  • [Bug] Trailing slash fix for first_child_redirect
  • [Bug] Periods are now allowed in URLs and match EE’s convention (periods at the end are ignored, but ones within the URL are fine)
  • [Bug] Breadcrumbs now work if you do not have a homepage assigned
  • [Bug] Safecracker segment splitting fixed for parent/listing-entry

3.3.3 for EE2 8/1/2012

  • [Bug] Parent/child slug combining issue
  • [Bug] Fixed top:title and top:entry_id variables
  • [Bug] Pagination fixes

3.3.2 For EE2 7/20/2012

  • [Bug] Fixed an installation issue introduced in 3.3.1
  • [Bug] Fixed pagination issue introduced in 3.3.1

3.3.1 for EE2 7/19/2012

  • [Feature} Setting to add or remove trailing slashes from URLs (defaults to having them for backwards compatibility)

3.3 for EE2 7/18/2012

  • [Feature] Structure now matches EE’s default of removing trailing slashes (automatic upgrade script include in release and all tags updated)
  • [Feature] Native integration with EE’s new pagination methods
  • [Feature] Integration with the language add-on Transcribe: http://devot-ee.com/add-ons/transcribe
  • [Feature] Publishing updates
  • [Feature] Extension check for last_call for other add-on compatibility
  • [Tag] New global variable {structure:page_url_for:XX} and {structure:page_url_for:{entry_id}}
  • [Tag] New global variable {structure:page_slug_for:XX} and {structure:page_slug_for:{entry_id}}
  • [Bug] Channel saving message displays appropriately now
  • [Bug] Nav tag: has_children respects hidden state of children pages
  • [Bug] Nav tag: first class fixed when overview link is present
  • [Bug] Safecracker compatibility
  • [Bug] Listing entry url creation fixes

3.2.4 for EE2 4/27/2012

  • [Feature] Safecracker compatibility updates (more examples added at http://buildwithstructure.com/documentation/safecracker/)
  • [Feature] Misc publish improvements
  • [Bug] Publish updates for duplicate entries and -1 URI appending
  • [Bug] Resolved call to deprecated gmt function
  • [Bug] Resolved IE9 rendering issues from border-radius

3.2.3 for EE2 3/23/2012

  • [Bug] Fixed publish error

3.2.2 for EE2 3/22/2012

  • [Bug] MSM issue with per-member collapase/expand states
  • [Bug] Added extra check for Assets channel saves
  • [Bug] PHP errors on publish

3.2.1 for EE2 3/19/2012

  • [Feature] New URL processing, only accepts alpha numeric charatcers and periods
  • [Feature] URI character limit increased to 100 (same as title)
  • [Feature] Updated config.php for version numbering
  • [Bug] Fixed listing entries adding an unnecessary -1 to the url
  • [Bug] Fixed issue with missing column ‘hidden’ and Safecracker
  • [Bug] Fix css_id=“none” bug
  • [Bug] Fixed URL foreign character encoding issue
  • [Bug] Channel deletion warning is now only triggered once on initial unassigning

3.2 for EE2 2/28/2012

  • [Parameter] nav tag: remove_future, defaults to yes
  • [Parameter] nav tag: remove_expired, defaults to yes
  • [Parameter] Added custom title feature to Siblings tag
  • [Feature] New expand and collapse controls
  • [Feature] Added first class to nav tag
  • [Feature] Added Setting Confirmation step before deleting any Structure managed channel
  • [Feature] Added selective and strategic database reconnect and locking statements to publishing/saving
  • [Feature] has_children_class will use the contents of the parameter as the css class
  • [Feature] Added saef/safecracker EDIT support for saef_select tags (pre-selects…
  • [Feature] Added a debug function to fix any given site’s structure_listings
  • [Feature] Pages deleted from tree now have statuses set to Closed
  • [Feature] update safe hook to match safecracker logic
  • [Feature] updated js to only target .structure-form classed forms
  • [Feature] Additional Safecracker support
  • [Feature] Clear publish layouts bugs on updategit status
  • [Feature] Wygwam links ordered by title
  • [Bug] Pagination fix for for EE 2.4 with pre-2.4 fallback support
  • [Bug] Structure no longer adds 1 at the end of URLs when entries have duplicate URLs
  • [Bug] fixed an install php notice stemming from new page picker logic
  • [Bug] Repect home_link in breadcrumbs
  • [Bug] respect hide-from-nav setting in structure:child_ids variable
  • [Bug] Only redirect if a channel is managed by Structure
  • [Bug] Add page picker is now only used when more than one channel exists
  • [Bug] Removed channels from add page picker if member doesn’t have access
  • [Bug] Fixed native EE dialog button stacking
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug where in MSM sites the site_id of listing entries wasn’t updating
  • [Bug] Resolved blank and parent use case issues
  • [Bug] Wygwam + Safecracker fixes
  • [Bug] Fixed css focus issues on dialogs

3.1.3 for EE2 10/25/2011

  • [Enhancement] Added redundancy to publish views to make sure other third_party add-ons play nice
  • [Enhancement] Added support for PHP 5.1.6 (and older)‘s lack of JSON
  • [Bug] Upgrade issues for unnecessary ‘hidden’ field in listings
  • [Bug] {structure:parent:child_ids} sometimes displayed an error when not on Structure pages
  • [Bug] Siblings tag no longer display errors if entry_id is invalid
  • [Bug] Fixed an EE parse issue when PHP short_tags were set to off

3.1.2 for EE2 10/24/2011

  • [Bug] Issue with Listing URLs saving properly

3.1.1 for EE2 10/21/2011

  • [Bug] Install fields fixed

3.1 for EE2 10/20/2011

  • [Feature] UI and settings redesign
  • [Feature] Updated reordering
  • [Feature] Expand/collapse children
  • [Feature] More refined settings per member group
  • [Feature] New channel options for pages: show in page selector
  • [Feature] Redesigned “Out of The Box” experience
  • [Feature] “Hide from nav” can be set per page
  • [Feature] Module settings: hide hidden templates from page template selector
  • [Feature] Safecracker support
  • [Feature] New variable: structure:is:listing:parent
  • [Parameter] nav tag: override_hidden_state to show regardless of per page “Hide from nav” setting
  • [Parameter] nav tag: include
  • [Parameter] title_trail tag: entry_id
  • [Bug] nav tag: show_depth logic fixes
  • [Bug] nav tag: exclude parameter bugs

3.0.5 for EE2 9/12/2011

  • [Parameter] nav tag: rename_overview=“title” now uses the page’s title
  • [Feature] Updated channel_module_create_pagination hook use a consistent object reference: $ee_obj, also updated description text
  • [Bug] fix the ALTER for split_assets error
  • [Bug] Fixed the “Fatal error: Nesting level too deep – recursive dependency?” error with strictly typed data types and deep recursion.
  • [Bug] Added extra check to make sure the Search module is installed before checking for its pagination

3.0.4 for EE2 8/25/2011

  • [Parameter] nav tag: “has_children_class” (defaults to no)
  • [Parameter] breadcrumb tag: “add_last_class” (defaults to yes)
  • [Tag] Removed need for mode=“main|sub|full” (see tags for details)
  • [Tag] NEW siblings tag
  • [Varible] NEW structure:is:listing:parent
  • [Feature] Assets now alphabetically ordered
  • [Bug] nav tag: logic updates to show_depth and max_depth
  • [Bug] jQuery and reordering fixes
  • [Bug] Publishing and class updates
  • [Bug] title_trail fixes

3.0.3 for EE2 6/24/2011

  • [Feature] EE 2.2 compatibility
  • [Feature] Split assets feature for single entry assets
  • [Feature] nav tag start_from=”/” compatibility
  • [Feature] nav tag: mode=“main” no longer uses class=“parent-here”
  • [Feature] replaced create_url function and pulled the URL from the site_pages array
  • [Parameter] New breadcrumb parameters: rename_home and site_url
  • [Bug] Pagination fixes for errors, 404 pages and native templates
  • [Bug] Breadcrumbs for listings fixed
  • [Bug] Updated siblings tag to support revised parameters from get_selective_data() revisions
  • [Bug] SQL Fix for new channel assignments, and explicit check to avoid the (albeit rare) Edit/Publish EE 2.1.3 ajax bug when deleting entries
  • [Bug] Eliminated undefined index errors on sub mode for non-existent depths
  • [Bug] nav tag depth and children errors
  • [Bug] nav tag css_id=“none” fixed
  • [Bug] child_listing variable update
  • [Bug] Fixed the offset issue with show_overview

3.0.2 for EE2 6/24/2011

Internal release

3.0.1 for EE2 4/5/2011

  • [Parameter] nav: show_overview and rename_overview
  • [Parameter] breadcrumb: channel:title (custom title)
  • [Parameter] title_trail: channel:title (custom title)
  • [Tag] New global variable: {structure:child_listing:channel_id}
  • [Tag] New global variable: {structure:child_listing:short_name}
  • [Bug] nav tag status fix: Defaults to Open and respects all native EE behavior
  • [Bug] Fixed listing detail here states
  • [Bug] nav mode=“sub” logic fixes for max_depth and show_depth
  • [Bug] nav mode=“sub” allows you to add a manual start_from when on the homepage
  • [Bug] Checks to avoid SQL errors
  • [Bug] Updated global variable output for blank or incorrect values

3.0 for EE2 3/14/2011

  • [Feature] Native pagination. exp:structure:paginate is now deprecated and all Structure pages will work with the native pagination parameter.
  • [Feature] Rewritten drag + drop with jQuery 1.4.2+ support and smoother interactions
  • [Feature] Rewritten publish functions
  • [Feature] Structure CP view page links now update via Ajax on drag + drop
  • [Feature] Added Low Variables support
  • [Tag] Nav tag replaces nav_main, nav_sub, nav_full and nav_sitemap (now with custom field support for title!)
  • [Tag] All new global variables for current, parent and top level page info

2.2.6 for EE2 1/24/2011

  • [Feature] MSM additions
  • [Feature] Merged get_site_pages function to $sql->get_site_pages()
  • [Bug] Removed the update site_prefs call that was affecting config.php files in some instances. Now uses set_item().

2.2.6 for EE1 1/24/2011

  • [Feature] jQuery 1.4+ fix
  • [Bug] Fixed tree() array unset checks to kill ee1 bug from

2.2.5 for EE2 12/27/2010

  • [Feature] Cleanup script now removes dead listing entries
  • [Feature] get_listing_data query optimization
  • [Feature] Updated status logic
  • [Feature] Replaced depreciated ereg() with preg_match() equivalents
  • [Feature] Additional MSM compatibility
  • [Feature] set_site_pages now updates $EE->config
  • [Bug] Added an extra check for is_array() in the MCP that was throwing errors when no pages existed
  • [Bug] parent_id caching issues
  • [Bug] non-super admin permission check
  • [Bug] Pagination fixes for entry_id, status and search parameters
  • [Bug] Reorder rgt/lft issues

2.2.5 for EE1 12/27/2010

  • [Feature] Additional MSM compatibility
  • [Bug] Reorder rgt/lft issues

2.2.4 for EE2 11/15/2010

  • [Bug] Reorder rgt/lft issues
  • [Feature] Debug mode in MCP (set $debug = TRUE)

2.2.4 for EE1 11/15/2010

  • [Bug] Reorder rgt/lft issues

2.2.3 for EE2 11/12/2010

  • [Feature] SAEF compatibility additions
  • [Feature] Edit tab deletion updates
  • [Feature] Extension for additional redirect settings (on login and save)
  • [Bug] Reorder rgt/lft issues

2.2.3 for EE1 11/12/2010

  • [Feature] SAEF compatibility additions
  • [Feature] Edit tab deletion updates
  • [Feature] Extension for additional redirect settings (on login and save)
  • [Bug] Double slash in view page links
  • [Bug] url_title and structure_url blank bug
  • [Bug] Reorder rgt/lft issues

2.2.2 for EE2 11/2/2010

  • [Bug] PHP errors

2.2.1 for EE2 11/1/2010

  • [Feature] MSM enhancements
  • [Feature] New “Redirect to Structure” settings for login and post entry saving (EE2)
  • [Bug] URL rewriting
  • [Bug] Dragging errors

2.2.1 for EE1 11/1/2010

  • [Feature] MSM enhancements
  • [Bug] URL rewriting

2.2 for EE1 10/19/2010

  • [Bug] In rare MSM conditions, reordering pages would cause Structure to lose URI/Template data
  • [Bug] In rare MSM conditions, adding a sub page would cause Structure to lose URI/Parent data
  • [Bug] site_short_name was being appended to the “View Page” links in the control panel
  • [Bug] nav_full was not rendering the proper markup
  • [Bug] In the nav_sub tag, show_depth and limit_depth would not return the desired results
  • [Bug] In the nav_sub tag, the hide_if_no_children was showing markup when children did not exist
  • [Bug] The nav_sub tag rendered improper markup
  • [Bug] Pagination was counting closed entries
  • [Bug] In rare conditions, pagination would throw a “division by zero” error
  • [Bug] A “second argument” mysql error would be thrown
  • [Bug] The child_listing tag was returning the EE “no tag” error
  • [Bug] css_id wasn’t being used as the add_unique_id=“yes” prefix

2.2 for EE2 10/19/2010

  • [Feature] StructureFrame ported to EE2
  • [Feature] New Structure Accessory! Access to your “Assets” channels anywhere in the control panel
  • [Feature] Moved all language into language files for better Multi Language support
  • [Feature] Add Page Channel list is now alphabetized for readability
  • [Feature] Reorder permissions per member group now available
  • [Tag] saef_select Creates template and/or parent entry select boxes for use in Standalone Entry Forms
  • [General] Navigation tags will no longer include “Open” status if another status is specific, and only use “Open” when using the “not” syntax, exactly like native EE tags
  • [General] Removed the redundant “Access Structure Page” member-level permission
  • [General] Added a feedback message in the Channel Settings area if no channels exist
  • [Bug] In rare MSM conditions, reordering pages would cause Structure to lose URI/Template data
  • [Bug] In rare MSM conditions, adding a sub page would cause Structure to lose URI/Parent data
  • [Bug] In rare MSM conditions, no channels would be available for management
  • [Bug] MSM sites would see all sites channels
  • [Bug] In rare conditions, dragging and reordering the pages would result in improper URIs being created
  • [Bug] In the nav_sub tag, show_depth and limit_depth would not return the desired results
  • [Bug] The child_ids wouldn’t work within an {exp:channel:entries} tag
  • [Bug] Pagination links were affected by the DST time compare bug
  • [Bug] Upgrading from 2.1.4 could cause a duplicate key error
  • [Bug] Add Page and Channel Picker would not work in IE7
  • [Bug] Collapsing or revealing the EE2 sidebar would cause the Structure homepage to resize to a very small width
  • [Bug] Reordering pages wouldn’t save their new order if Freebie was installed with default settings

2.1.5 for EE1 9/1/2010

  • [Tag] top_level_title to output the top most parent title
  • [Parameter] nav_main: status – now works the same as EE syntax/method
  • [Parameter] nav_sub: status – now works the same as EE syntax/method
  • [Parameter] nav_full: status – now works the same as EE syntax/method
  • [Bug] hide_if_no_children parameter/markup fix
  • [Bug] nav_sub class issues
  • [Bug] MSM view page link fix

2.1.5 for EE2 9/1/2010

  • [Feature] Add NSM Updater support
  • [Feature] Better rewriting for listing URLs on reorder
  • [Feature] Hide Structure tab when channel not managed by Structure
  • [Feature] Top level “Add New Page” button and setting to show/hide it
  • [Feature] Publish layout compatibility
  • [Tag] top_level_title to output the top most parent title
  • [Parameter] nav_main: status – now works the same as EE syntax/method
  • [Parameter] nav_sub: status – now works the same as EE syntax/method
  • [Parameter] nav_full: status – now works the same as EE syntax/method
  • [Bug] nav_full: not outputting parent_here for parent branches
  • [Bug] Missing argument 2 error (fix from Fred Boyle http://twitter.com/fredboyle)

2.1.4 for EE2 8/17/2010

  • [Feature] Rewrote listings code
  • [Feature] MSM Updates
  • [Bug] nav_sub: adding hide_if_no_children produces a blank page
  • [Bug] nav_sub: css_id=“none” doesn’t remove the id
  • [Bug] child_listing: outputting a blank value
  • [Bug] Fixed PHP errors

2.1.3 for EE2 7/30/2010

  • [Bug] Listing page_url and page_uri bug
  • [Bug] Listing template bug
  • [Bug] Misc PHP errors caused by publish layouts

2.1.2 for EE2 7/22/2010

  • [Tag] child_listing Returns information about the current or a specific page’s listing channel
  • [Tag] first_child_redirect Redirect a page t its first child (contributed by Mark Croxton)
  • [Feature] nav_full now has parent-here logic like nav_sub
  • [Feature] Add proper encoding to tags
  • [Feature] MSM compatibility updates
  • [Bug] Listing edit link not connecting
  • [Bug] PHP errors removed
  • [Bug] Fixed error if listing wasn’t attached
  • [Bug] No default records/setting resave issue
  • [Bug] nav_main exclude_status and include_status fixed
  • [Bug] child_ids
  • [Bug] breadcrum here_as_title fixed
  • [Bug] nav_sub hide_if_no_children fixed

2.1.2 for EE1 7/22/2010

  • [Tag] saef_helper Add Structure data to your SAEF
  • [Tag] child_listing Returns information about the current or a specific page’s listing channel
  • [Tag] first_child_redirect Redirect a page t its first child (contributed by Mark Croxton)
  • [Feature] nav_full now has parent-here logic like nav_sub
  • [Feature] SAEF Compatibility updates
  • [Feature] Add proper encoding to tags
  • [Feature] MSM compatibility updates
  • [Bug] Removed deprecated PHP
  • [Bug] Deleting pages not removed from array

2.1.1 for EE2 6/28/2010

EE2 Compatibility!

StructureFrame 1.2 6/10/2010

  • [Feature] FF Matrix compatibility

StructureFrame 1.1 5/10/2010

  • [Feature] Now saves page ID, not url
  • [Bug] site array issue

2.1.1 4/22/2010

  • [Bug] titletrail incompatibility
  • [Bug] breadcrumb incompatibility

2.1 4/22/2010

  • [Feature] 1.6.9 Compatibility
  • [Feature] nav_sub: add class=“overview” to overview li
  • [Feature] added last class to last lis
  • [Feature] Disabled current page from publish/edit tab
  • [Tag] page_id (Thanks Fred)
  • [Tags] Next + Previous for listings (Thanks Thirst Studios)
  • [Parameters] nav_full: add_unique_id
  • [Parameter] nav_main: include_status
  • [Parameter] nav_sub: include_status
  • [Parameter] nav_main: separator
  • [Parameter] nav_sub: separator
  • [Parameter] nav_full: separator
  • [Parameter] sitemap: css_id and css_class
  • [Parameters] sitemap: html, xml, text
  • [Bug] MSM member group errors
  • [Bug] End of title space/underscore issue
  • [Bug] jQuery 1.4 top level reordering
  • [Bug] nav_sub: wrap_start and wrap_end do not force lowercase
  • [Bug] MSM settings
  • [Bug] nav_full: closing lis
  • [Bug] sitemap: closing lis

2.0.9 3/15/2010

  • [Bug] nav_full: here/last class fix
  • [Bug] nav_sub: level_class application
  • [Feature] Setting to turn off “View Page” within CP interface
  • [Bug] Pagination: fix for show_future_entries and show_expired_entires

2.0.8 2/27/2010

  • [Bug] nav_sub: last class not applied properly to only last children
  • [Bug] Pagination not inserted
  • [Bug] Undefined errors
  • [Bug] Quick Save error
  • [Bug] MySQL errors

2.0.7 1/29/2010

  • [Parameters] nav_sub: wrap_start + wrap_end See knowledge base article
  • [Feature] nav_sub rewrite
  • [Feature] Enabled checking for force query strings
  • [Feature] Increased maxlength of Masked CP Options
  • [Feature] Character entity conversions
  • [Bug] MSM compatibilities
  • [Bug] PHP Undefined index errors
  • [Bug] Pagination entry counting with show_future_entries + show_expired
  • [Bug] nav_sub: last branch children display
  • [Bug] nav_sub: “last” class on ID
  • [Bug] nav_sub behavior fixes
  • [Bug] nav_full: “last” class fix
  • [Bug] nav_sub: add_unique_entry_id now uses css_id value
  • [Bug] nav_main: closing children branches
  • [Bug] Add Page selector IE display

2.0.6 1/18/2010

  • [Bug] Undefined index errors

2.0.5 12/17/2009

  • [Bug] nav_sub: “conditional” state added to hide_if_no_children See knowledge base article
  • [Bug] nav_sub: fixed current_class
  • [Bug] nav_sub: css_id/css_class no space issue
  • [Bug] nav_full isn’t marking Home “/” as here
  • [Bug] nav_full: not closing a and last li
  • [Bug] nav_main unique IDs have no opening quotes
  • [Bug] Error logs: pre-defining index and suppressing the PHP Notice
  • [Parameter] nav_main: current_class

2.0.4 12/8/2009

  • [Feature] SAEF compatability
  • [Feature] New setting in the Module Setting area to map your URL to the Structure folder (for masked control panels)
  • [Feature] Implemented jQuery Tools to replace current modal solution (fancybox). Cleaner code, more control.
  • [Feature] nav_full: parent_here classes added when appropriate
  • [Parameter] nav_main: add_unique_id
  • [Bug] nav_sub: exclude parameter fixed
  • [Bug] suppress error logging
  • [Bug] z-index fix for publish menu
  • [Bug] Listing select box showing even if not checked
  • [Bug] nav_sub: css_id=“none” now removes the id altogether.
  • [Bug] nav sub child hiding fix and setting reordering
  • [Bug] Syntax error: mysystemfolderpath/modules/strucure/resources/js/thickbox compressed.js
  • [Bug] “box is null” if no available listings bug
  • [Bug] Default path for resource files (js, css, etc)
  • [Bug] nav_sub: Closing </ul> bug is fixed
  • [Bug] nav_sub: spans are inside the <a>
  • [Bug] added function and calls to check if Structure is installed before checking the db
  • [Bug] Added function to check if the module is installed before utilizing global CP hooks

2.0.3 11/14/2009

  • [Tag] nav_full for location aware full dropdown menus
  • [Bug] $_GET variable issue when using pagination
  • [Bug] Unset pagination issue
  • [Bug] Fixed show_future_entries and show_expired w/ pagination
  • [Bug] Add Page Selector wasn’t using the proper template from settings
  • [Bug] Listings were losing the proper weblog assignment in specific instances
  • [Bug] child_ids MySQL issue

2.0.2 11/9/2009

  • [BUG] nav_sub parameter fix for add_unique_id

2.0.1 11/6/2009

  • [Bug] fixed Extension CSS path for non-upgrade users
  • [Bug] nav-sub extra closing </ul>
  • [Feature] Pagination works with weblog tag + category parameter
  • [Feature] Pagination works with weblog tag + category_group parameter

2.0 11/6/2009

  • [Feature] “Add Page” selector. Select which weblog to post a page to.
  • [Tag] {exp:structure:child_ids}: outputs all children entries for the current page
  • [Parameter] “rename_overview” for nav_sub
  • [Parameter] change nav_main attributes to use “css_id” + “css_class” instead of nav_id + nav_css
  • [Parameter] “exclude” (excludes entry_ids) for sitemap tag
  • [Parameter] “exclude” (excludes entry_ids) for nav_sub tag
  • [Parameter] “exclude” (excludes entry_ids) for nav_main tag
  • [Parameter] “exclude_status” for sitemap tag
  • [Parameter] “add_span” for nav_sub
  • [Parameter] “add_span” for nav_main
  • [Parameter] “include_ul” in nav_sub
  • [Parameter] add_unique_id for nav_sub (format = toplevelparentfirstsegment_current_page_uri)
  • [Parameter] add_unique_entry_id for nav_sub (format = nav_sub_8291 : where 8291 = the current entry_id)
  • [Parameter] “hide_if_no_children” for nav_sub. Conditional output display for nav_sub
  • [Setting] Enable/Disable Add Page Selector
  • [Setting] “Hide Hidden Templates” from the Structure Templates Dropdown
  • [Compatibility] Use system pref index page name, not auto index.php in case file is changed
  • [Bug] Updated nav_main to have proper parameters: css_id + css_class, not nav_id + nav_class
  • [Bug] Quick Save compatibility
  • [Bug] start_from and show_depth not showing proper levels if there are more than 3 levels
  • [Bug] Pagination issues
  • [Bug] nav_sub disappearing on last branch
  • [Bug] Pagination correctly counts pages with the category parameter on the weblog tag

1.3.1 9/17/2009

  • [Bug] nav_sub Overview link “here” always marked so
  • [Bug] “leaves” displaying as desired, no longer showing sibling branches.
  • [Bug] “-1” appended to entries
  • [Bug] Pagination for entries with expiration dates
  • [Bug] Delete button overlap in CP

1.3.0 7/11/2009

  • [Bug] Random page re-ordering
  • [Bug] nav_sub li closing
  • [Feature] Tab template now uses language file
  • [Feature] NSM Publish Plus support
  • [Feature] Preview / Quicksave support
  • [Feature] Restyled tab and Structure CP
  • [Parameter] “include” for nav_main
  • [Parameter] “exclude” for nav_main
  • [Parameter] “include_ul” for nav_main
  • [Parameter] “css_id” for nav_main
  • [Parameter] “css_class” for nav_main
  • [Note] Many updates to this version were submitted by: Leevi Graham

1.2.7 5/26/2009

  • [Parameter] “limit_depth” for nav_sub
  • [Parameter] “show_depth” for nav_sub
  • [Parameter] “css_id” for nav_sub
  • [Parameter] “css_class” for nav_sub
  • Code refactoring

1.2.6 5/14/2009

  • [Bug] {exp:structure:nav_sub} empty list items in output

1.2.5 5/6/2009

  • [Rewrite] {exp:structure:nav_sub}
  • [Behavior] {exp:structure:nav_sub} when using start_from param now moves into ‘fixed’ mode
  • [Bug] Windows host issue – \ was returned instead of / in get_site_path() function

1.2.4 5/1/2009

  • [Bug] various sitemap updates

1.2.3 4/29/2009

  • [Tag] {exp:structure:sitemap}
  • [Tag] {exp:structure:page_slug}
  • [Feature] Added id to each nav item (format = id=“nav_page_uri”)
  • [Behavior] nav_sub: always hides entries & children below when status is closed
  • [Behavior] nav_main: always hides entries with closed status
  • [Parameter] “show_overview_link” for nav_sub
  • [Parameter] “show_level_classes” for nav_sub
  • [Parameter] “uri” for breadcrumb
  • [Feature] added new warning when you try to erase Structure data
  • [update] Changd the “No Structure data” message to be more informative and help setup an install

1.2.2 4/21/2009

  • [Parameter] “start_from” for nav_sub
  • [Feature] Updated method to save settings: check is performed to see if setting was changed before executing ->delete_data_by_weblog()
  • [Bug] Clean up of potential PHP notice messages

1.2.1 4/16/2009

  • [Bug] Misc changes

1.2 4/13/2009

  • [Bug] Tweak mechanism to include CSS files in CP – added get_site_path function to retrieve site path/directory based on site_url
  • [Bug] Tweak drag/drop Javascript for MSM – added site_path property to structure_settings javascript object
  • [Bug] Add publish tab interaction
  • [Bug] Hidden Structure tab in certain permissions (hidden vars for parent id)
  • [Bug] Automatically incrementing structure_uris (allows duplicate titles for entries)
  • [Bug] Move CSS/JS/IMG to themes folder under your default CP theme folder (Example /themes/default/structure/)
  • [Bug] Remove requirement of PHP v5.2+
  • [Bug] Added services/JSON.php
  • [Bug] ajax_move_set_data needs json_encode (PHP v5.2+), added PHP 4 fallback alternative

1.1.1 1/27/2009

  • [Feature] LG Addon Support added
  • [Parameter] “inc_separator” for breadcrumb (to hide separator character)
  • [Parameter] “separator” for breadcrumb (will include space around separator text automatically)
  • [Parameter] “wrap_here” for breadcrumb (for here state customization)
  • [Parameter] “wrap_each” for breadcrumb (alternate mode to make an unordered list)
  • [Parameter] “wrap_separator” for breadcrumb (for greater separator customization)
  • [Bug] Missing text in “last” class nav_sub items
  • [Bug] 404 page no longer triggers “here” in nav_main
  • New breadcrumb parameters were added by Aaron Gustafson @ easy-designs.net

1.1 1/15/2009

  • [Tag] {exp:structure:nav_main}
  • [Tag] {exp:structure:paginate}
  • [Parameter] “reverse” for titletrail (to change site & page order)
  • [Bug] “separator” parameter bug fix: now automatically padded, spaces weren’t respected
  • [Bug] structure_admin.tpl.php & structure_admin_settings.tpl.php – add/edit links now use BASE to create link
  • [Feature] nav_sub: added class of “last” too all last children in a branch for an extra styling hook
  • [Feature] New functions use db_prefix variable/setting
  • [Feature] When adding a listing weblog with existing entries Structure data is now created for each
  • [Feature] When removing a weblog as a listing all Structure data is removed
  • [Feature] Update procedure to auto-set weblogs with existing Structure data for the settings menu
  • [Feature] You can now select which weblogs Structure manages
  • [Feature] New “Assets” feature for non structural entries managed by Structure

1.0.3 12/10/2008

  • [Behavior] nav_sub: if all pages are hidden, empty ul is not generated
  • [Feature] Masked access compatibility: added PATH/system path to ext.structure_ext.php
  • [Parameter] “inc_here” for breadcrumb
  • [Parameter] “here_as_title” for breadcrumb
  • [Tag] {exp:structure:parent_title}
  • [Bug] Reordering compatible with non-root installs (credit to Maurice Calhoun – mauricecalhoun.com)
  • [Bug] MySQL bug that occurred when deleting an entry

1.0.2 11/8/2008

  • [Feature] Accommodate the “/” URI entry for Home (no slug)
  • [Feature] “/” now shows in the edit form once set so it will stay
  • [Feature] nav_sub uses site_index value to create the links, not just the root
  • [Bug] Blanking out the URI field will rebuild the URI from the Title value using the Weblog/Section settings for dash or underscore
  • [Feature] Changing the URI of a page with children and/or a listing will update all URIs
  • [Feature] Reordering a page with children and/or a listing rewrites the URIs for all children and listings
  • [Feature] nav_sub now creates CSS class names (sub-level-0) using the Weblog/Section settings for dash or underscore
  • [Parameter] “exclude_status” for nav_sub
  • [Tag] {exp:structure:titletrail}
  • [Feature] MSM support: install/upgrade functionality
  • [Feature] MSM support: adds site_id column to exp_structure table
  • [Feature] MSM support: sets site_id for each Structure entry from exp_weblog_data
  • [UI] Settings button matches CP style
  • [UI] Improved visual feedback for dragging pages
  • [Behavior] Deleting update: Set status of “closed” on entries deleted by Structure
  • [Behavior] Deleting update: children will be marked as closed and removed from Structure
  • [Behavior] Deleting update: entries/listings will be removed from Structure only, status will not be changed

1.0.1 9/25/2008

  • [Bug] Subnav tag nested li fix

1.0 9/18/2008

  • Initial Release